Let's keep the Legacy going!

Over 60 years ago, the people who founded the Artesia Christian Home took a big leap of faith in investing for the seniors in their community, they probably had no idea what it would lead to today. Their efforts and generosity have impacted the lives of many in countless ways, providing jobs for many, a stable & safe place to call home for others, as well as a community to thrive & belong to as a volunteer. Help us keep the doors open to this wonderful place we all call home. 

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C.A.R.E. Fund

A special fund set aside to help offset the financial deficit Artesia Christian Home incurs when residents depend on Medi-Cal or SSI programs alone and are unable to cover the entire cost of services. These state run programs do not cover the full cost of services and care. Please consider a donation to this fund, with your contribution, we can continue to assist those in need.


The Child Called Charity

The Barnabas Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps with designing or reviewing estate planning needs. If you are interested in making Artesia Christian Home part of your Child Called Charity please contact toll-free 888-448-3040